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Friday, October 29, 2004

Wait a minute...

It just occurred to me, looking over my previous post, what it means when David Kay says this: "Iraq had, and it's a frightening number, two-thirds of the total conventional explosives that the US has in its entire inventory." Just today, I've learned that the al Qaqaa cache was only 0.06 percent of the total munitions in Iraq, or about 1/1600. Earlier this week, we learned that the explosives missing from al Qaqaa are enough to blow up some 8000 federal buildings, or one million jetliners. So that means, roughly, that Iraq had enough conventional munitions to blow up some 12 million federal buildings, or 1.6 billion airliners. And Kay just told us that the US has 50% more than that! (Not to mention, we've got nukes too.)

That's all Cheney'd up.