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Sunday, October 31, 2004

They lied. They continue to lie. They ALWAYS lie.

Cyndy links to this video reminding us of "flip-flops" of the Bushies on the subject of weapons of mass destruction. To think that there are people out there, including my own sister, who still support this idiot lying bastard makes me want to scream. That my sister's two sons, my nephews (one of whom reads this blog regularly and generally agees with me!), will probably lose their public-school teaching jobs in the next few years because of Bush's policies, or that some of their students, many of whom she knows personally, will probably be drafted, or that her newborn granddaughter's opportunities in life will be seriously restricted, all because of Bush's policies and actions, doesn't seem to faze her. Of course, much of the problem lies with John Kerry, who supported many of Bush's worst policies, and could easily have been included in the above-linked video. ("Why is Saddam Hussein pursuing weapons that most nations have agreed to limit or give up? Why is Saddam Hussein guilty of breaking his own cease-fire agreement with the international community? Why is Saddam Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't even try, and responsible nations that have them attempt to limit their potential for disaster?" -- John Kerry, speech in the Senate, October 9, 2002.) My sister, if she hears anything at all, hears only arguments from Kerry suggesting that he could pull off the crime of the century better than Bush has. And she clearly sees it as an either/or situation. For some bizarre reason probably eminating from Rush Limbaugh, she believed that Bush was a decent, intelligent man. I'm not sure she still really believes that, but she sees the issue as only Bush v. Kerry, and Kerry hasn't done anything to convince her that he's a better option. I currently think he is, although not in any way that will avoid most of the catastrophes that Bush has led us into (with lots of Democratic support). Not liking Kerry is easy and very understandable. Still, supporting the worst president in history, who is actually running on a platform consisting of his worst failures (9/11, the war in Iraq, No Child Left Behind), is utterly incomprehensible. Kerry is only a likely failure; Bush is a proven one. Not voting for Kerry is excusable (and I might still vote for Cobb or Nader myself, although I'm helping with GOTV efforts in poor neighborhoods to soothe my angst if I do); voting for Bush isn't. There's an old joke: "Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?" To which the answer is "I don't know, and I don't care." That's the answer you're giving to the children of this country and the people of the world if you vote for Bush.

(I'm really no good at arguing with my sister; I'm sort of hoping my nephew will be able to use these arguments and give it a try! You go, Paul!!!)