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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Ted Rall's Ten Reasons Bush Can't Be Allowed to Win

Sometimes I think cartoonist Ted Rall should stick to writing. While some of his cartoons are spot on, they're usually at least a bit confusing, and I think he'd agree that he's not especially gifted with a pencil. But Ted can write. Here are his ten reasons why Bush must go. Rall has explanations for all ten in the article, but I'm only going to include portions I really like. The case against Bush:
  1. He stole the 2000 election.
  2. He politicized 9/11.
  3. He let the terrorists get away while giving them a payraise.
  4. He murdered nearly 100,000 people. ("The world would be safer if Charles Manson, a mere amateur killer by comparison, were released and Bush was sitting in prison.")
  5. He bankrupted the treasury.
  6. He threw thousands of innocent people into concentration camps.
  7. We are more feared than Al Qaeda. ("We are feared, which is why we are hated. Because we are hated, we are in greater danger.")
  8. Bush has done nothing to improve the economy.
  9. Bush will appoint the next Supreme Court justice.
  10. We deserve a president who can speak English and doesn't look like a chimpanzee.