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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Michigan Voter Information

Michigan voters! You can verify that you are registered and see a sample ballot at Print out the ballot, research the candidates and proposals, and take your sample ballot to the polls with you on Tuesday.

BTW, I haven't looked into the details on Michigan Proposal 1 yet. As I understand it, a "yes" vote means that future legislation extending legalized gambling in the state would have to be approved by voter referendum instead of by the legislature. Sort of a referendum on referenda, I guess. I'm not sure that referenda are necessarily preferable to the old representative form of government (and I think a lot of Californians would say that they aren't). But I do think that state-run lotteries are an abomination. Also, I'm so cynical now that I tend to get very nervous about anything that Republicans and Democrats agree on--like wars, Patriot Acts, NAFTA, and so on. So when I saw the ad with Governor Granholm and the Republican Speaker of the House together telling me to vote "no" on 1, my gut reaction was to vote "yes."

If any readers have strong feelings on Prop 1, I'd love to hear them! Here's the Citizens Research Council of Michigan analysis, and a Google search page. I haven't read this stuff yet.