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Friday, October 08, 2004

If he can't win the debate tonight...

If he can't win the debate tonight, Kerry should just give up. George the Rapturist's head has been delivered to him on a silver platter: Oil closes at $53.31, stocks down sharply, jobs report weak, Bremer, Rummy, Duelfer, and the CIA all finding fault with King George, and the press actually suggesting that Bush is a liar. Bombs are exploding all over the world, mocking Bush's last pitiful excuse for the war, that the world is safer with Saddam in jail. Of course, none of this says anything positive about Kerry, and the stuff about Iraq actually reflects negatively on him as well as on Bush (especially since both are intent on "staying the course").

But the ball is on the tee, the fairway is 200 yards wide, there's no sand or trees or water, the green is 100 yards away, and the hole is at the lowest point on the green. Even I could golf under these conditions. Kerry is all set to deliver the coup-de-grace (although I suggest he not use French tonight), and he probably will. As our soon-to-be-former pResident would say, "Watch this drive."

Even if Kerry manages to botch it tonight, expect the deluge against Bush to continue next week. Only Castro in Cuba and Chavez in Venezuela (so far) have successfully escaped CIA-sponsored regime-change efforts. The spooks finished off Jimmy Carter; they'll finish off W, with or without Kerry's help.