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Thursday, October 14, 2004


From CBS Marketwatch:
Crude oil futures prices were last up 91 cents at $54.55. They spiked as high as $54.60 after the latest energy industry data heightened concerns about heating oil supplies heading into winter.
The Dow's now pretty solidly under 10,000. The Saudis are blaming the US for the rise in terror. Trade deficit surges; jobless claims up. Nader removed from Pennsylvania ballot.

The powers that be have awarded Kerry the win in last night's debate, and are going to continue to clear his path to victory. While Michael Powell hasn't gotten the memo yet, I'd say that the overwhelming preponderance of the news, and more importantly how it is being reported, suggests a solid Kerry victory. Bush will get only his base.

I mention Michael Powell because I'm getting pressure from readers to make more of an issue of the Sinclair Kerry mockumentary case. As I said before, I don't think it's that big a deal; if the Dems weren't raising a stink about it, the mockumentary would get crushed by "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" or some such silliness, or if Kerry is really lucky it would be shown opposite game seven of the World Series (on Fox, irony of ironies). But the stink has worked for Sinclair as it did for Michael Moore, and it may end up being their highest rated show ever.

And Cyndy, one of those encouraging me to push the issue, was fair enough to forward a message from an e-mail list she's on which describes how Kerry supported Clinton in passing the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which made massive media conglomerates like Sinclair possible. As I told Cyndy, the problem here isn't that some guy with a TV station is running an anti-Kerry show, it's that some guy with 62 stations is showing it. And that wouldn't have been possible without DLC support.

And the Saudi complaint is very interesting. As with the CIA, who has seemed to have had W in its crosshairs lately, the Saudi connection to the Bush family is a lot stronger with 41 than with 43. I don't know if Bush Sr. is protecting his own interests, those of his corporate buddies, those of his son who is in way over his head, or (though it seems very unlikely) those of the country, but I get the feeling he may not like being the only one-term president in the family. Or maybe he just wants someone to golf with.