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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yeah, like this will solve global warming

From International Truck and Engine Corporation's press release:
What hauls six tons, can seat a football team’s offensive line and, for kids over 20 who miss playing with trucks in the sandbox, is the ultimate toy for extreme work and play? The International CXT, the world’s biggest production pick-up truck for commercial business owners and the newest truck from International Truck and Engine Corporation.
For people who want to make a statement while driving in luxury, try a customized black International CXT with ghosted green flames that has a leather interior with wood grain trim, reclining captain chairs, a fold-down bench that can be used as a bed, an overhead compartment with drop-down DVD, an XM satellite premium radio system and a rear-mounted camera for increased visibility behind the vehicle.

"The International CXT is a truck for businesses that want to promote themselves as much as perform," said Rob Swim, director, vehicle center marketing strategy, International Truck and Engine Corporation. "While there is nothing tougher or more extreme on the market than the International CXT, it is as much a statement of success as it is performance. If you brought this truck to the playground, you’d be king of the dirt pile."
By the way, "CXT" stands for "Commercial Extreme Truck." Nine feet high, eight feet wide, 21 feet long, 14,500 pounds, $115,000. Made in Texas. Probably eats Hummers for breakfast.

I wonder what this will do to the rapture index? Sure seems like a "mark of the beast" to me.