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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Guantanamo on the Huron?

Okay, it's not that bad--yet. But it sounds like the feds got fired up by all the fascism going on in New York last week, and decided to take part. I just got this e-mail from Phil, a gentleman who organizes anti-war demonstrations at noon every Tuesday and Saturday in front of the Federal building in downtown Ann Arbor:
At our weekly noon-time anti-war demonstration today (Tuesday), our banner was cut down by a federal agent. As usual for the past two years or more, it was tied to a tree and a post, both about a foot or so outside the sidewalk edge. This is the first time we've been told that we shouldn't do it. The two agents involved acted and spoke in a very hostile way, quite different from the friendly one we have seen many times before. Also, the feds called the Ann Arbor police, who arrived after the banner was cut down.