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Monday, September 20, 2004

Flypaper theory returns

Comical Allawi is clearly getting desperate. From CNN:
Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has warned that "terrorists" are flooding into his country from across the Muslim world.

His comments on Monday echoed those of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair who said the day before that Iraq was now the "crucible" in which the future of global terrorism would be determined.

Allawi, who is visiting London, told GMTV at the end of one of the bloodiest weeks since the end of major conflict in Iraq: "It's not a second conflict per se, it's really an international conflict.

"Terrorists are coming and pouring in from various countries into Iraq to try and undermine the situation in Iraq. They're coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, from Europe, from Morocco, from Syria and so on.

"Iraq is on the front line of fighting these terrorists. And, God forbid, if Iraq is broken or the will of Iraq is broken, then London would be a target, Washington will be a target, Paris will be a target, Cairo will be a target, as we have seen in the past."
Allawi then added, quoting Howard Dean: "Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Of course, two years ago, if a suspected terrorist like Zarqawi snuck across one of Iraq's many borders and took up residence, even in one of the areas outside of Saddam's control, it was clear evidence that Saddam was harboring and supporting terrorists. But, in the unlikely case that Comical Allawi is telling the truth, then the new bosses in Iraq, the Americans and their puppet, are completely unable to control Iraq's borders, despite vastly superior military forces to what Saddam had. The Americans and their puppet will, of course, blame this "flood of terrorists" on Iraq's neighbors, or at least those they want to blame it on, namely Syria and Iran.