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Thursday, September 16, 2004

David Cobb

I just got back from hearing Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb speak. If our "democracy" worked even a little bit, Cobb would be so far ahead of Bush and Kerry in the polls that they would have to drop out. Cobb has a lot of the southern preacher in him--he said his grandfather was a Baptist minister in Texas--but he's very well informed and dedicated to the Green Party agenda, which has basically nothing in common with the Republicrat agenda. He even gave a long and detailed answer to my question about peak oil--he knows the author of the book I read (The Party's Over by Richard Heinberg) and fully understands the implications of peak oil. He said he doesn't expect to be moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in January, but he wants people to vote for him in order to build the Green Party. He gave a long list of reasons why Kerry is such a terrible candidate, including even some I've missed! But then he said "You know what? Bush is even worse." He went on to say that he knew there was at least one person in the room (there were probably 30 people there) who agreed with everything he said but was probably still going to hold his nose and vote for Kerry. He said he's telling that person that he understands and respects his right to decide, but he just hopes that as they're holding their nose, they don't pretend there isn't a stench. As usual when I hear someone say something I completely agree with, I was impressed!

So, no matter how you're planning to vote, I'd definitely suggest going to hear Cobb speak if he comes to your area. His web site, with upcoming events, is here.