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Friday, August 27, 2004

Why are you doing this?

Kudos to the USA Today reporter for asking the question:
In the USA Today interview, Bush was asked why he is staying in politics.

"There's a lot of my friends who come and bass-fish with me. They don't say it out loud, I know they're thinking it: Why?" Bush said. "And the answer is because the stakes are high. Because there is more work to be done to make the world a freer and more peaceful place. It is essential that America lead in the 21st century in order to defeat the ideologues who use terror as a weapon, in order to secure the homeland, but also in order to spread liberty. I know what needs to be done, I see clearly where we need to go and I want to spend four years leading toward that goal. And I believe the American people will give me that opportunity," he said.
I'll take two tenths of a point deduction on the reporter for not asking the obvious followup question: "No, seriously. Why?"

Bush also said "I am not going to come in second." He failed to add "again."