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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Who supplies the axis of evil with weapons?

George H.W. Bush and his Reagan-administration cronies (Rumsfeld, North, Powell, etc.) made sure that Saddam Hussein got what he needed to start his biological weapons program, and they provided him with satellite photos and other intel so he could use his WMD's more effectively. At the same time, they were supplying his enemy, Iran, with a variety of weapons and spare parts. And 41's good buddy, the Rev. Sun Yung Moon (right rear in the photo), has apparently bought 12 Russian submarines for North Korea, bringing whatever threat that country may pose to us about 11,000 miles closer to our shores.

Rev. Moon owns the Washington Times newspaper and UPI, not to mention any number of politicians, some of whom participated in his coronation in a Senate office building a few months ago.

No matter how sick and warped you may think this country is, just remember this: it's MUCH worse than that.