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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Wardrobe Malfunction

I'm sure I won't be the only one to use that headline for the US basketball team's uniform mistake--packing their dark-colored jerseys on the Queen Mary II when they still need them for the bronze medal game. But maybe the first? The game is currently being delayed (and the gold medal game afterward) while they bring the jerseys back.

The basketball team has been getting a lot of abuse. A local yahoo was appalled that more famous NBA stars didn't participate, including, as he said, "our fellow Pistons." I checked the roster--the yahoo is not a Piston.

Meanwhile, NBC has a few reporters at the basketball arena babbling about the uni's, while CBC is showing live track and field events.

One other snide Olympic comment: I watched a little of the synchronized swimming competition last night. I think that sport probably takes the gold medal for requiring the most amount of fitness, training and teamwork in exchange for the least excitement and appeal to the viewer. The silver goes to Greco-Roman wrestling, and the bronze to water polo.