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Monday, August 30, 2004

Tired of my Kerry bashing?

You can always go to Counterpunch and read somebody else's! Here are some recent articles:
  • The Left Takes a Dive for Kerry
  • Zombies for Kerry
  • To the Swift Boats!
    (I especially liked this paragraph: It is, to be sure, a grand way to keep from addressing anything relevant (like today's war on which, coincidentally, both candidates agree) until...oh, mid September or so. Then the "527" ads will delve into other weighty matters like, "Has the Heinz Foundation stopped funding blood-sucking monkeys to do evil things to little kiddies...?" Or, "Why DID John Edwards see that psychiatrist in 1991...?" Then for the Democrats, will tell us to something crucial to the survival of Western Society, such as "The lost files from Bush's Cocaine Anonymous classes: Where WAS he during those two meetings in September 1974?"
  • Voting for Evil: To ABB or Not to ABB?
  • John Kerry, the Warchurian Candidate