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Friday, August 20, 2004

A Shot Across the Bow

From the Washington Post:
U.S. Sen. Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy said yesterday that he was stopped and questioned at airports on the East Coast five times in March because his name appeared on the government's secret "no-fly" list.

Federal air security officials said the initial error that led to scrutiny of the Massachusetts Democrat should not have happened even though they recognize that the no-fly list is imperfect. But privately they acknowledged being embarrassed that it took the senator and his staff more than three weeks to get his name removed.
Yeah, right. This is just the Bushies way of saying "we can do it to anyone, and we will." Or maybe W and Cheney connected to the database on a computer in the now-disclosed undisclosed location, with a bag of pretzels and a twelve-pack in the cooler, and started entering names on their own.