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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Pakistan: Who Leaked Agent's Name?

In the two weeks plus since Tom Ridge's latest panic attack, which included the disclosure of the name of an apparent al Qaeda agent who had been turned by Pakistani intelligence, the Bushies have seemed to accept the blame for the leak, if not in so many words. But according to Husain Haqqani, writing in Salon:
But in fact, U.S. officials did not leak Khan's name. The first leak of Khan's name, according to well-informed, reliable sources in the region who spoke on condition of anonymity, came from Pakistani officials in Islamabad -- who perhaps were motivated by eagerness to show off their success in arresting al-Qaida figures or, more ominously, by a desire to sabotage the penetration of al-Qaida that Khan's arrest had made possible. A second Pakistani leak to Reuters, blaming the Americans as the source of the leak, served to absolve the Pakistanis of any responsibility in breaking up new al-Qaida cells -- an important move domestically.
The article is worth reading, even at the cost of viewing an ad for the Wall Street Journal. Digby also has an interesting post on the subject of our terrorist-harboring, nuclear-exporting, dictator-run number one "ally" in the "war on terror."