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Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Numbers Game

I didn't go to the big march in New York, but I've been trying to get an idea as to how big it was. The media isn't much help:
  • Hundreds of Thousands Join Protests in N.Y. -- NY Times
  • Tens of thousands protest GOP convention -- CNN
  • Tens of Thousands Protest Bush in New York -- Washington Post
  • Tens of thousands march in peaceful protest -- LA Times
  • Tens of thousands march in New York to oppose Bush -- Globe and Mail (Canada)
  • MSNBC is all over the map: The headline on the main page says "Tens of Thousands Protest." The subheadline on the article itself says "Thousands of protesters march in N.Y." Inside the article, it says "more than 100,000 protesters."
  • Fox News says "tens of thousands," as does the right-wing New York Post.
  • CBS follows MSNBC, saying "thousands" in the headline and "tens of thousands" in the article.
  • ABC's headline says "tens of thousands" while the article says "over 100,000."