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Sunday, August 08, 2004

National Preparedness Month

Bob Harris tells us that September will be proclaimed "National Preparedness Month." They've got a calendar of events, including promotions by Parade magazine, Starbucks, NASCAR, and the Red Cross. Young minds will be targeted with the "Ready Deputy" program.

It's bad enough that McCain-Feingold and the other wimpy election laws are so easily circumvented by official soft-money PACs like MoveOn and Swift Boat Veterans for Deserters, and that we have other manipulations by informal groups such as Republicans for Nader tying to get Ralph on the ballot and Anti-war Progressives Against Anti-War Progressives trying to keep him off. But it looks like "National Preparedness Month," hyping the only issue that Bush still leads Kerry on, will be paid for by the U.S. government, that is by borrowing money from Japan and China and sending the payment coupon booklet to your grandkids. (But hey, they get to be "ready deputies," so stop complaining!)