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Sunday, August 08, 2004

My fifteen minutes

Two years ago today, I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Here's what they said about what I said:
Bringing beliefs to life: Computer programmer Bob Goodsell of Ann Arbor, Mich., was long a political naysayer, voting for fringe candidates but doing little else. For him, Sept. 11 ignited a new passion to live his beliefs. He read up on world affairs and concluded the U.S. response was colored by its dependence on foreign oil. He changed his lifestyle, parking his car to ride his bike or a bus. He stopped eating meat and cut energy use and shopping trips.

"I hope in a small way, I can demonstrate that a low-energy, low-stuff lifestyle can be more fun and rewarding than the typical American waste-fest," he says. And he began working actively for political candidates.

At first, he missed his buying sprees for electronic gear. But his vegetarian regimen has helped trim some unwanted pounds. His old e-gear is holding up fine. After buying only what he needs, "I find I still have most of my paycheck left."

And he talks passionately and with deep knowledge about political issues. He worked hard on the campaign of Lynn Rivers, a Democratic candidate for Congress, who just this week lost a hard-fought primary campaign for re-election. After 11 months, Mr. Goodsell is more committed to his new path than ever.
Based on that article, I was shown on the local ABC affiliate TV news riding my bike, cutting up vegetables, and saying "No war in Iraq."

The Wall Street Journal contacted me because I had joined the Center for a New American Dream shortly after 9/11, and they gave my name to the Journal. The article was on the bottom of page D-1, August 8, 2002.