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Friday, August 27, 2004

Greeks Protest Powell Visit

From the NY Times:
"Powell is the man who peddled Bush's lies on Iraq," said protest organizer, Yiannis Sifahakis. "He is a murderer and we don't want him here."
Sorry, dude. We don't want him here either.
Among those who joined in before the violence broke out was Andrea Murray, 22, who graduated from Duke University in North Carolina. She said she was looking for Athens' National Museum and instead found the demonstration.

"I found this and I thought, like wow! I am participating because I am American and I want Greeks to know that not all Americans are drones or idiots," Murray said.
Why does the Secretary of Lies have to go ruin the nice party the Greeks have put on for the Olympics? Can't he just go hang out in Fallujah or Sadr City instead?