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Monday, August 16, 2004

Bush's Troop Redeployment

I'm not sure what to make of aWol's announcement about pulling 70,000 troops out of Europe and Asia:
"The new initiative will enhance our ability to respond to threats abroad," a White House official said Sunday on condition of anonymity. "It will strengthen our ability to protect America and its allies and ease some of the burden on the military and military families. We have worked closely with our friends and allies around the world and Congress on this initiative."
If I had to guess, I'd say "Look out Venezuela!" Bush got his announcement in just before the referendum vote, making it less likely that reporters would connect those dots. But I've been thinking all along that maybe the only benefit of the invasion of Iraq has been that Bush didn't have enough Army left to invade Venezuela. But once these troops are back home, maybe he will.

If he were really concerned about the military and military families, he'd be pulling 70,000 troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, not out of cushy bases in Germany and Korea. But of course, he's not concerned about them at all.