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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Repugs help the peace candidate get on the ballot; Dems help the war pResident get on the ballot

Republicans get Nader on Michigan ballot; Dems get Bush on Illinois ballot. Democrats control both houses of the legislature and the governorship in Illinois, but they think it's fine to change their filing law so the Repugs can hold their convention late enough to exploit 9/11 one more time.
The new law, sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson (R-Greenville) and House Minority Leader Tom Cross (R-Oswego), goes into effect immediately. Without the legislation, President Bush would be prohibited from appearing on the ballot in Illinois.

With the Republican nominating convention being held this year in September, without the bill, Illinois state law would not allow for his nomination to be certified within the statutorily required 67-day period before the general election.

"Illinois citizens should be able to vote for the sitting President if they choose, and this technical change will make sure that they have that option in November," said Governor Blagojevich. "I appreciate the nearly unanimous consent of the General Assembly on this matter."
Jeez, Gov, there's no one in the world who has been more thoroughly proven to be unfit for the job than the "sitting pResident;" even his daddy and that Clinton chap don't come close. Thanks to Eli for catching that. Maybe the Illinois Democrats will be kind enough to delay the vote for senator long enough so the Repugs can find a viable candidate.