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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Passing It On

So much stuff going on, I can't come close to keeping track of it all. But I'll do a little derivative blogging here, relying on some of my favorite blogs to lead you to enlightenment on some stories that may not have made it to your news source:
  • Seven U.S. carrier groups heading for "exercises" near China this month. (Polizeros)
  • Thousands of eligible voters on Florida "felons" list (that's what gave aWol the election in 2000; Polizeros)
  • Tony "The Poodle" Blair is finally yapping about stuff he should have yapped about long ago. (You Will Anyway)
  • The Army has confirmed that the pulling down of the Saddam statue in Baghdad in April 2003 was entirely an Army psyops stunt. (You Will Anyway)
  • The Bushies have ordered Pakistan to capture a high-value al Qaeda target during the Democratic convention. (Josh Marshall)
  • Genocide in Sudan. (Bob Harris)