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Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Lesson of 9/11 is ...

From what Bush says, the lesson of 9/11 is that we must eliminate threats before they fully materialize. From what Bush does, I'd say that the lesson Bush actually "learned" is that we can forget about all of the lessons of the past. From a comment over at Left I on the News:
Let's see what we learned from Viet Nam. You fly a helicopter over a population that you abuse daily, you blow up their homes, you torture their fathers, violate their women, and destroy their economy. Guess what - they will shoot at you and try to kill you before you kill them.

Any questions? This post dedicated to CW2 Anthony DeSantis, helicopter pilot KIA 9/12/1969, Binh Dinh, RVN. Tony's dead - WHAT DID HE DIE FOR? Panel 18w, row 74. People who support this war are INSANE!