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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

One Korean gets killed; the US kills 20 "foreign" fighters

From the NY Times:
Up to 20 foreign fighters were killed overnight during an American military strike on a house in the city of Falluja, a senior military official said today.
"They want us to cower in the face of their brutal killings," [Bush] said, "and the United States will not be intimidated by these people."
In other words, Bush wants "them" to cower in the face of "our" brutal killings.

Bush is just so stupid, although he's ably assisted in this by Congress, the media, and huge numbers of Americans. The three people allegedly beheaded in the last month are just three dead among hundreds: Iraqi civilians, police, politicians, American and other allied soldiers, contractors, and so on. Those people are just as dead as Berg and Johnson and Kim. But by reacting to the beheadings (and the mutilations in Fallujah in April) with much more vehemence and violent response than he does to any of the other deaths, Bush is playing right into the hands of those doing the beheadings. I read somewhere recently that the real purpose of terrorist atrocities is to provoke a brutal reaction, and Bush is always happy to oblige. Bombing a house and killing 20 people in Fallujah is not only not the way to stop the violence; it is a big (the biggest?) part of the violence. And believing that Bush is just too stupid to get it is actually the optimistic viewpoint. Maybe he actually does understand that his only hope for re-selection lies in keeping the beheadings coming, with maybe a side of terrorist attack on the homeland. And if he doesn't, I'm pretty sure that Cheney and Rove do.