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Monday, June 14, 2004

In Venezuela, the Opposition Controls the Media

Including the Washington Post. Michelle, who was on the same Global Exchange trip to Venezuela in April that I was, explains the distortions and lies in the Post's editorial. It's really quite scary to see how a fairly well-respected newspaper is so willing to lie in the service of American imperialism. Chavez has opposes the FTAA, and he has our oil. The Bushies and the Post will tell whatever lies they feel are necessary to remove him.

The stuff about "quasi-authoritarian rule" is absolute nonsense. Chavez faces a wealthy opposition which controls most of the media and much of the economy in Venezuela, and which is backed overtly and covertly by Washington-based meddlers. His power rests solely on the strong support of a large portion of the population. The "quasi-authoritarian rule" that the Post should be concerned about is right down the street, where the pResident's lawyers have been telling him that he has the inherent right to break any law he sees fit. Venezuela is a paragon of democracy compared to this country.