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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Evangelicals--Born Again Again?

From the LA Times:
The National Assn. of Evangelicals is circulating a draft of a groundbreaking framework for political action that strongly endorses social and economic justice and warns against close alignment with any political party.

Steeped in biblical morality and evangelical scholarship, the framework for public engagement could change how the estimated 30 million evangelicals in this country are viewed by liberals and conservatives alike.
"When social structures result in such gross disparities and suffering, the Bible writers envision structural solutions, such as periodic land redistribution so that everyone can have access to productive resources and be dignified members of their community," the draft states.
I suspect that most of the so-called evangelicals in America will stick to the Bush-Rush-Fox party line, no matter what the biblical scholars and clergy leading the National Association of Evangelicals may write. But it is encouraging to read that there are some in that movement who are recognizing that the Republican agenda is vastly different, and in most ways actually the opposite of, what a truly Christian agenda would be. If the Repugs add "periodic land redistribution" to their platform, maybe I'll vote for them. But the repeal of the estate tax is pretty much diametrically opposite to land redistribution.

High levels of ignorance are required to keep so-called Christians from realizing that Jesus was a socialist.