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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Earth to Dick Cheney and William Safire

No al Qaeda cooperation with Iraq, according to the 9/11 commission. Bush has repeatedly admitted that no evidence points to Iraqi ties to 9/11, but Useless Dick Cheney, the Veep from the Deep, continues to insist on Saddam-al Qaeda ties, and Bush is backing him up.
''At various times Al Qaeda people came through Baghdad and in some cases resided there," said David Kay, former head of the CIA's Iraq Survey Group, which searched for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and links to terrorism. "But we simply did not find any evidence of extensive links with Al Qaeda, or for that matter any real links at all."

"Cheney's speech is evidence-free," Kay said. It is an assertion, but doesn't say why we should be believe this now."

"Mr. David Kay reported to the nation. I want to thank him for his good work. He is a thoughtful man." -- George W. Bush, October 3, 2003.