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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

When Kerry Loses...

Will the million people who vote for Nader be blamed, or the 1.5 million people who won't vote at all because Kerry didn't bother to show up to extend their unemployment benefits?
The Senate impasse ended after Democrats consented to limit debate in exchange for an agreement from Republicans to allow a vote on extending supplementary unemployment benefits for 13 weeks, an election-year priority for the Democrats.

But the vote on the unemployment measure turned into an embarrassment for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The Senate voted 59 to 40 for the proposal, one vote short of the 60 needed for approval. Kerry, who favored extending jobless benefits, was campaigning in Kentucky and was the only senator to miss the vote.
The unemployment proposal would have revived a program to pay an extra 13 weeks of assistance to an estimated 1.5 million people who have exhausted their standard 26 weeks of state benefits. A previous program expired in December.

After Kerry missed the vote, his campaign issued a statement saying Kerry had "fought again and again to extend unemployment benefits for workers left behind in the Bush economy" and blamed Bush and his GOP allies for the proposal's failure.
-- Washington Post

Even when he's right he gets it wrong. BOTH parties really need to get different candidates. Better yet, we need to get different parties.