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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Not making the headlines anymore

But American soldiers continue to die, along with dozens of Iraqis. Here's Centcom's casualty report list.

And things are getting worse than ever in Gaza and the West Bank. From CNN:
Two Israeli helicopter attacks Thursday in Gaza's Rafah refugee camp have killed 10 people, according to Palestinian security and medical sources.

The strikes followed Palestinian attacks on Israeli soldiers Tuesday and Wednesday that have claimed 11 soldiers' lives. This week, violence in Gaza has claimed the lives at least 33 Palestinians as well as the 11 soldiers.

I guess front pages and homepages generally stay the same size. And the American media has a particular priority for stories: Iraqis being killed is news, except when Americans are killed, except when Iraqis are tortured, except when Americans are being held hostage, except when Americans are being tortured, except when Americans are being beheaded.

I remember that Jimmy Carter took a lot more grief because 55(?) Americans were held hostage in Iran than Ronald Reagan did when 250(?) Marines were killed in Lebanon. And the torture of hundreds(?) of Iraqi prisoners is properly getting a lot of attention, but the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and civilians in an illegal war gets very little.