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Friday, May 14, 2004

Huge Anti-American March in Cuba

From CNN:
HAVANA, Cuba (AP) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro launched an immense anti-American protest on Friday with denunciations and ridicule of President Bush, saying the U.S. leader was fraudulently elected and trying to impose "world tyranny."

The Cuban leader led a sea of Cubans past the U.S. diplomatic mission here on the oceanfront Malecon Boulevard in a demonstration organized by the communist government against new U.S. measures aimed at squeezing the island's economy and pushing out Castro.

The crowd chanted "Free Cuba! Fascist Bush!"
Many of the people who went on the trip to Venezuela with me had also been to Cuba. Most of them said that it's not at all a bad place, and that the Bushes and Kerrys of the world trying to appease the 600,000 Cuban exiles in Miami by badmouthing Castro are full of crap. Frankly, I don't think Fidel could have stayed in power for over 40 years if he was as brutal as they claim. Nor would he dare lead a million-person march down the street.