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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Get Out. Now. Two.

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Palestinians blame an Israeli helicopter strike for the deaths of 24 people among 200 marching in a protest of Israel's crackdown in Gaza, but the Israeli military vigorously denied its helicopter fired on the crowd.
Of course not. They were firing on one guy who just happened to be standing in the middle of the crowd.

Though crowded out of the headlines by the news of atrocities in Iraq, things in Gaza have gone from terrible to much worse than terrible in the past few weeks. Palestinians are being killed by the dozens and having their homes demolished by the hundreds, but it generally only makes major headlines when a Palestinian retaliates and kills a few Israelis. Major headlines here, that is. In the Arab world, including Iraq, the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians is a major story, as was Bush's acquiesence with Sharon's plans last month.

I'm sure one person is happy about all of this, if he's still alive--Osama bin Laden. Bush, Sharon and Blair have been his dream team for convincing Arabs and Muslims to see the U.S., Israel and Britain as the enemy.