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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Idiot Quote of the Day
As Repuglicans go, Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) seems to be better than most. I mean, I know he's got an interest in those election-stealing paperless voting machines, but at least he comes out every two months or so and blasts the administration on something. But now he's calling for a draft, and he asks this outrageous rhetorical question:

Why shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some responsibility and pay some price?

Well, we're already paying a price in our tax dollars, our deficit, and the greatly increased risk of terrorist attacks which has resulted from the criminal war in Iraq. Many soldiers have been killed and wounded, profoundly affecting them and their families. As for responsibility, I and millions of others have done everything we legally could to try to stop the war, but our opinions were entirely ignored by the administration and a large majority of Congress. Frankly, if you want to really deal with the responsibility question, I think that the entire Bush administration and every member of Congress who voted for the war, including Hagel, Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and the rest, should all be tried for war crimes. They knew that the Bushies were lying for the express purpose of going to war, and did not exercise their duty to stop him. And certainly those 18-year-olds out there, poor or rich, bear no responsibility for the war.

Suggested contrition for members of Congress who voted for the war: Apologize, impeach Bush, demand that the Republican party donate contributions for his campaign to the families of killed and wounded soldiers, demand an immediate withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and resign. We'll try you later.

It makes me sick beyond belief that most people in Congress seem to feel that the only way out of this horrible hole they have dug is to dig deeper. And my hatred of John Kerry is rapidly approaching that which I hold for George Bush. They are both utterly despicable.