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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Greetings from Mérida!
I´m pretty much on my own now, but what a place! I flew from Caracas to Mérida this afternoon. I quickly found a ¨Posada,¨or guest house, charging the outrageous sum of 40,000 bolivares for two nights. (That´s about $13, or $7 per night) It is right across from the Plaza Bolivar (every city in Venezuela has at least one of those), and close to the teleferico, which is the gondola ride which goes 7 miles and 15000+ feet up into the Andes. I plan on riding it tomorrow.

*UPDATE* The teleferico is closed until Wednesday. I signed up for a hike in the mountains instead. I won't get to 15,000 feet, but it should be spectacular anyway!*END UPDATE*

It is very pleasant here--much cooler and quieter than Caracas. I´ve found an internet cafe which is bright and airy--not the usual dark cave which was common in Caracas and Chiapas. I´m not going to write much more now--got to get out and enjoy this beautiful city!

I see that the Iraq memorial now has 700 names on it, and the fighting is all over Iraq. Way to go, George! (Hugo Chavez calls him Jayorge Doobleyou Boosh.)