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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Going for it
Not a big chance, as chances, go, but still a little scary. The Global Exchange itinerary here in Venezuela ended last night, and most of the participants have left. I just booked a flight to Merida on Avensa, a small Venezuelan airline, using their Spanish-language web site. Entered my credit card numbers and everything. IŽll take a taxi to the airport tomorrow and hope IŽll be able to figure out how to get on the right plane.

Merida is in southwest Venezuela, at the foot of the Andes. ThereŽs supposed to be a beautiful gondola ride up to the top of a 15,000 foot mountain. Should be great. I hope!

This was definitely a great trip. Venezuelans are wonderful people living in a time of crisis. The divisions in the country are deep, and not many people on either side of the divide are making serious efforts to bridge it. The armed forces and a variety of police forces are involved, along with politicians at all levels. US interference is significant both as reality and threat. As IŽve said before, IŽll have lots to post when I get home. I donŽt quite feel up to it sitting here at an Internet cafe in Caracas, and I really should be out gathering more to write about!

ĄHasta la vista!