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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Last-minute plea!
If you live in California or Ohio or New York or any other state having a primary today, and you haven't voted yet, and you prefer peace to war--PLEASE read John Kerry's speech from last Friday. US domestic policy would probably improve under Kerry, but it sounds like foreign policy will get even worse. ABBOK, I say! (Anybody but Bush or Kerry.)

This war isn't just a manhunt-- a checklist of names from a deck of cards. In it, we do not face just one man or one terrorist group. We face a global jihadist movement of many groups, from different sources, with separate agendas, but all committed to assaulting the United States and free and open societies around the globe.

As CIA Director George Tenet recently testified: "They are not all creatures of bin Laden, and so their fate is not tied to his. They have autonomous leadership, they pick their own targets, they plan their own attacks."

At the core of this conflict is a fundamental struggle of ideas. Of democracy and tolerance against those who would use any means and attack any target to impose their narrow views.

The War on Terror is not a clash of civilizations. It is a clash of civilization against chaos; of the best hopes of humanity against dogmatic fears of progress and the future.

I'm sick of having a president who spouts this kind of racist BS, and I sure don't want another one. The US doesn't face a global jihadist movement--it is one, and Kerry's a part of it.