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Saturday, March 13, 2004

It's all my fault
When a butterfly sneezes and all that. Last summer at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, I was manning the Kucinich booth in the non-profit section. We were selling "Regime Change 2004" T-shirts with a picture of smirky Bush and a big circle and line through it. The Dean and Kerry booths were selling the same shirt. The guy at the Kerry booth ran out of larges, and came down to trade two smalls for two of our larges. I agreed to it, instead of telling him to send the buyers down to our booth. The Kerry campaign got $10 (we were making about $5 profit per shirt), the Kucinich campaign got $0 (I don't think we ever sold the smalls), and now we're faced with a battle between the incumbent hawk and the challenger hawk.

I am profoundly sorry.