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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Gasoline Prices at a Record High!
According to CNN, the nationwide average of $1.738 per unleaded gallon is the highest ever. Hallelujah! I say. I get so sick of seeing wave after wave of huge vehicles rolling down every street. Park the stupid car and get on a bus or a bike!

Among the factors listed are rising consumption, insufficient refining capacity, complicated federal and state clean fuel regulations and chronically low inventories.

Oil producer group OPEC, which controls roughly half of the world's exported crude, is also mulling a new reduction in supplies starting April 1, adding to a series of cuts that recently brought oil prices to nearly $40 a barrel.

Of course, CNN spends most of the rest of the article focusing on OPEC and those "complicated" fuel regulations, without another word about rising consumption. (They do have a link to a list of high-mileage cars, however.)

Note to John Kerry: I see higher gasoline prices as a good and necessary thing. Cheap gasoline has destroyed our landscape, damaged our air, kills 43,000 a year on our highways, and is our main reason for continued war in the Middle East. If you, Senator Kerry, do like Gore did in 2000 and pander to the ignorant masses by calling for lower gasoline prices, I'll abandon you for Nader just like I did Gore. Don't make me do it, John! I'm serious! I will!