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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Bob Graham for Vice President!
Florida Senator and ex-governor Bob Graham was for awhile a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. When he was in he was frequently my second choice after Kucinich. His approach to foreign policy seemed so much better than Kerry's or most of the others. He voted against the war in Iraq precisely because he thought it would divert resources from chasing al Qaeda. And now he has rushed to the defense of Richard Clarke while the Bushies try to smear him:

"Dick Clarke had a front-row seat on America's counterterrorism efforts for almost two decades," said Senator Bob Graham, Democrat of Florida, a former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He added: "The facts are that within six months of the first bombs falling on Afghanistan, this administration was diverting military and intelligence resources to its planned war in Iraq, which allowed Al Qaeda to regenerate. As the people of Indonesia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and most recently, Spain, have learned painfully well, this president failed to execute the real war on terrorism."

I'm sick of the stupid "war on terrorism" rhetoric, but I'm glad to see Graham pointing out the obvious. I disagree with him and Kerry when they say that Bush hasn't done enough in the "WOT." But what he has done has only made the situation worse.