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Saturday, February 07, 2004

The results are in!
For my area, anyhow. For those who voted in person, that is. Internet (like my Kucinich vote) or by-mail votes weren't included in these totals. Without further adieu:

Kerry 207, Dean 164, Edwards 71, Kucinich 70, Clark 46, Sharpton 32, Moseley-Braun 2, Gephardt 1, Lieberman 0, Uncommitted 3. Kerry, Dean, Kucinich and Clark were well represented by volunteers at the polling place.

The Dean people seemed a bit edgy today. Some were upset with Kerry--one of the Deanies brought a sign that said "A vote for Kerry is a vote for Bush." I'm no fan of Kerry's, but that's a bit over the top, I'd say. Another Dean volunteer was unhappy with Dean's decision not to campaign in Michigan yesterday, after she had called a bunch of people telling them about his planned visit to Ann Arbor. He cancelled pretty much at the last minute.

The Kerry folks were nice enough, but seemed a bit too smug. We Kucinich folks were, as usual, the most informed, interesting, and attractive volunteers there. We answered the early Dean cookie offerings with cookies of our own.

I guess the official results will be out soon; we gave it a good shot for Kucinich here in Michigan, and hopefully we'll get some results that mean something. It's been many months since I've gone a couple of weeks without passing out any flyers, but I don't plan to do any of that for a month or so. I'll probably put up some signs for our March 20 peace march in a few weeks, but that's it for a while.

By the way, I'll be contributing to a new online progressive news and opinion web site known as the Daily News Online, which will be making its debut on Monday. Be sure to check it out on Monday!