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Thursday, February 05, 2004

I'm not quite sure who is obfuscating here, CIA Director George Tenet or the AP. But this article about Tenet's speech this morning has me all confused (no big accomplishment, really). Whether Tenet is defending the CIA against charges of over-hyping WMD evidence, as David Kay and some Repugs have suggested, or is defending the Bushies' WMD case as presented by Colin Powell to the UN, is left completely unclear in the article. It seems to be a little of one, a little of the other. I'll have to wait for a full transcript, I guess.

Still, the whole CIA issue is a smokescreen. Powell presented a crapload of stuff to the UN last year that was the Bushies' best case for going to war. UN inspectors found none of the stuff Powell claimed they had. At this point (late February/early March 2003) they knew for certain that their "intelligence" was badly flawed, wherever it came from. Proceeding with the war anyway was a crime of the highest order.

[Update] The transcript of Tenet's speech is appearing now. It looks like Karl Rove wrote it for him--he's repeating the same old crap about unmanned aerial vehicles, scribbled rocket drawings, and so forth.