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Friday, February 06, 2004

He was a C-minus student at Yale, and he probably cheated to get those grades, but he claims that he has learned the proper lesson from 9/11, without having studied it:

"September the 11th, 2001, was a lesson for America -- a lesson I will never forget, and a lesson this nation must never forget," Bush said. "We cannot wait to confront the threats of the world, the threats of terror networks and terror states, until those threats arrive in our own cities." -- Washington Post reporting on aWol's speech from yesterday.

This pompous dimwit has done everything possible to make sure that no lessons were learned from 9/11. He also clearly failed to learn the lesson from his daddy's war--that attacking countries on the other side of the world is the surest way to guarantee that you will have 9/11's. Every major terrorist attack on the US in the past 12 years can be traced to the Gulf War: The first WTC bombing, Oklahoma City (McVeigh and Nichols were Gulf War vets), and the alleged al Qaeda operations: bombings in Saudi Arabia, embassy bombings in Africa, the attack on the Cole, and 9/11. If you do everything possible to piss people off, it is to be expected that some of them will be pissed off. And it has been a long time since anyone pissed off as many people as has George W. Bush.