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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well, one person is happy
But only because no one else is. There are ten letters to the Detroit Free Press today regarding aWol's recent proposal regarding undocumented workers in this country. All but one denounces it: some from the right (taking jobs away from Americans and legitimizing lawbreaking); some from the left (unfair treatment of immigrant workers); and a few from both (unfair to ALL workers--need to raise the minimum wage, etc.)

Then there's this genius:
President Bush's Medicare prescription drug coverage bill passed last year, and his proposal to allow foreigners to obtain work permits easily have something interesting in common: They are both opposed by the political left and the political right. Those on the left say the programs do not go far enough, while those on the right say they go too far. Typically, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, which would mean these programs are just right.

Troy Ontko, Manchester

That may end up being aWol's campaign strategy: Everybody hates me, so I must be doing something right.