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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Gotta love Big, Left, Outside Al!
Al Giordano gives us Kucitizens some hope to counter the media's focus on Deanevitability:

Dennis Kucinich, who, in last Sunday's debate, masterfully set a trap for Dean by standing alone for immediate pullout of U.S. troops in Iraq, forcing Dean to make the same mistake that still haunts Kerry: ending up on the pro-war side of the coin when your supporters believe in you because they thought you were anti-war.

It was, so far, the top political play of 2004. At that Iowa televised debate, Kucinich forced Dean to state, in clear terms, that he is against pulling out of Iraq. (That is precisely why Dean's numbers have peaked and are starting to slip. Watching that debate, I could hear the sound of a million jaws dropping in disillusion with the man who told them he was the anti-war candidate.) The Kucinich supporters are going to the Iowa Caucuses, and they're going to engage in hand-to-hand combat educating Dean supporters who thought they were going to the caucus to vote against the war. I can't wait to see the flyer that the Kucinich people hand to all the Dean people at those caucuses. "Dude! Where's my anti-war candidate?" Where the Kucinich supporters, and the disillusioned anti-war Dean supporters, go on the second ballot in each Iowa precinct could prove historic.

Dean opposed the Iraq war; Kucinich opposes it. Big difference.