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Thursday, January 22, 2004

Do you ever have deja vu, Mrs. Lancaster?
I don't think so, but I can check with the kitchen.

One of the great lines from "Groundhog Day," the movie where Bill Murray relives Groundhog Day over and over and over. I just watched it for the first time yesterday (although maybe it's the thousandth time I've watched it in somebody else's endless deja vu). After he tries numerous times and numerous ways to break out of the cycle, he decides to take advantage of the situation. The movie has been out for ten years now, and I doubt if I can come up with any original thoughts on it. It's chock full of easy morals: live every day to the fullest, be nice to people, seize the moment, etc. Still, it's about the most enjoyable and interesting movie I've seen. (I watched "The Truman Show" a couple of weeks ago, and it is quite similar in many ways. "Groundhog Day" is more fun, though.) The Ann Arbor Library is great; they've got lots of wonderful movies on DVD and VHS.