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Monday, January 05, 2004

Defending the Doctor
Left I and Daily Kos point out an egregious error in the AP story on yesterday's debate. The story quotes Howard Dean as saying "I opposed the Iraq war when everyone else up here was for it," when in fact the transcript quotes him as saying "I have two big policy differences with almost everybody up here. I opposed the Iraq war; with the exception of Dennis and Carol, everybody else supported it." (Al Sharpton and Wesley Clark weren't at the debate.)

As Kos suggests, AP deserves a ton of grief for this. He suggests contacting AP and any news outlet (paper, web site, TV station, etc.) that runs it and asking them to get their facts straight:

Don't just focus on the AP. If your local paper runs either of these two stories, call them up and complain. You can believe that if their member papers (who pay the AP's bills) complain about the quality of AP's stories, the AP will get the message better than we can deliver it directly.

Another Update: [AP writer] Nedra [Pickler]'s contact info:

Phone: 202.776.9421
And don't forget to cc' the AP's main email address:

Just so you don't think I'm going soft on Dean, I will point out that, according to the transcript, Dean said "I opposed the Iraq war." I believe that Kucinich is the only one who can honestly say that he "opposes" the Iraq war, since he offers a plan for getting out quickly.