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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Bush combines new proposals into one big proposal
At the State of the Union address next week, AWol will unveil his BIG NEW PROPOSAL:
(Drum roll, please....)

The Defense of Immigrant Marriage on Mars With Immense Tax cuts Act of 2004, better known as the DIMMWIT Act.

Look. I LOVE space exploration. John Glenn orbited the Earth on my fourth birthday, and I was watching on TV. I went to a parade for Gemini spacewalkers James McDivitt and Ed White in Ann Arbor in 1966. I watched Neil Armstrong step on the moon. I've watched Tom Hanks' documentary series From the Earth to the Moon twice, and will probably watch it again. But I don't believe W has any interest in space exploration. Karl Rove told him it would get a few votes and funnel more money to campaign contributors, so Bush says Mars.