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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Reagan gets Dingelled
As you may be aware, the Republican National Committee wants to review (read: censor) the CBS miniseries "The Reagans" before it airs, concerned that it might inaccurately depict the Contranator and his positions. My congressman, John Dingell, who has been in Congress since the time when Reagan was making bad movies, is also concerned. So he wrote CBS a letter:

Mr. Leslie Moonves President and CEO CBS Television 51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019

Dear Mr. Moonves:

I write to you with regard to your upcoming mini-series "The Reagans." I share the concerns expressed by others that it may not present an accurate depiction of the Reagan administration and America during the 1980s. I trust that CBS will not be a party to a distorted presentation of American history, and that the mini-series will present a fair and balanced portrayal of the Reagans, the 1980s and their legacy.

As someone who served with President Reagan, and in the interest of historical accuracy,please allow me to share with you some of my recollections of the Reagan years that I hope will make it into the final cut of the mini-series:

$640 Pentagon toilets seats; ketchup as a vegetable;union busting; firing striking air traffic controllers; Iran-Contra; selling arms to terrorist nations;trading arms for hostages; retreating from terrorists in Beirut; lying to Congress; financing an illegal war in Nicaragua; visiting Bitburg cemetery; a cozy relationship with Saddam Hussein;shredding documents; Ed Meese; Fawn Hall; Oliver North; James Watt; apartheid apologia; the savings and loan scandal; voodoo economics; record budget deficits; double digit unemployment; farm bankruptcies; trade deficits; astrologers in the White House; Star Wars; and influence peddling.

I hope you find these facts useful in accurately depicting President Reagan's time in office.

With every good wish,

John Dingell, Member of Congress

Is YOUR congresscritter that cool?