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Friday, November 21, 2003

Oh no. Another front.
Is aWol a little too eager to get involved in Turkey?

On the last day of a state visit to Britain, Bush called the Turkish leader from Air Force One while flying toward British Prime Minister Tony Blair's parliamentary district here in northern England. Bush offered his condolences for Thursday's attack on two British buildings in Istanbul that killed at least 27, only days after synagogue bombings in that city killed 23.

"I told him our prayers are with his people. I told him that we will work with him to defeat terror, and that the terrorists have decided to use Turkey as a front," Bush said. Asked whether Turkey was a new front, Bush said: "It sure is. Two major explosions. And Iraq is a front, Turkey is a front, anywhere the terrorists think they can strike is a front."

Repeating Thursday's vow that there would be no letup in his efforts against terrorists, Bush said: "Yesterday's attack in Turkey reminded us that we haven't completed our job yet."
-- Washington Post

First, dimwit, it was FOUR major explosions: Two at synogogues on Saturday, and two on British targets yesterday. Second, your criminal and insane "war on terror" is the greatest danger to the world since the third reich. Third, George, you are a lying, cheating, stupid, ignorant, arrogant prick. I'll get to your bad points later.