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Friday, November 14, 2003

Meanwhile, out in the free world...
At the opening ceremonies [of the Rugby World Cup] a few weeks ago, Aussie Prime Minister John Howard, recently censured for lying about Iraq, stepped out to declare the games officially open -- and the entire stadium of cheering fans suddenly unleashed a cathartic chorus of boos. Howard looked humiliated, and didn't even speak for about ten solid seconds. Dishonesty actually being treated as dishonorable -- a national leader actually being held accountable, face-to-face, by the public -- oh man, that was something to see. -- Bob Harris

Of course, our un-elected misleader has squads of brownshirts dedicated to keeping this from happening to him, whether in London, Asia, or Columbus.

I wonder if we've been looking at the "free-speech zone" issue the wrong way. That's where the cops direct protesters to little traffic islands or whatever half a mile or more from where aWol is being bribed. Maybe we need to station our protesters everywhere in town not specifically banned by the cops, thereby making the point that the only place in town which isn't a "free-speech zone" is the place where a bunch of Republitrons have paid $2000 each to hear a bad speech.

For the record, my personal experiences with "free-speech zones" haven't been so onerous. I went to protest a Bush fund-raiser in July in Dearborn, and our "free-speech" zone was right across the driveway from where aWol was speaking. We of course didn't see the horrible man directly, but his slimy supporters had to walk right by us to go into the hall. And when I went to protest Ashcroft at Cobo Hall in Detroit, we were right outside the entrance.